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winhttp POST method


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Ok my friends, I`m trying to send some data via POST using winhttp.au3 but it`s not working so far. I`m probably missing some detail about how using _WinHttpSendRequest or something. Please help!



$INPUT_NAME = "joe"


$adress = "www.test.com"

$openS = _WinHttpOpen()

$connector = _WinHttpConnect($openS, $adress)

$openRequest = _WinHttpOpenRequest($connector, "POST", "/check.php","HTTP/1.1")

$oPost = "username= $INPUT_NAME";

;send it

;_WinHttpSendRequest($openRequest,"Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" & @CRLF, "username=" & $INPUT_NAME & "&password=" & $INPUT_PASSWORD)

;receive response with INET

$value = _INetGetSource ( "http://www.test.com/check.php" )

MsgBox(0, "The value is:", $value)


And this is my PHP code:


//Getting from app

$user_login = $_POST['username'];

$user_pass = $_POST['password'];

echo $user_login;


So just for test I`m trying to echo the user_login to check if the autoit is passing the variable to php but It`s not!

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You are reading the response in the wrong way. Here is an example, the helpfile contains some others.

$hInternet = _WinHttpOpen()
$hConnect = _WinHttpConnect($hInternet, 'snee.com')
$sFirstName = "Jack"
$sLastName = "Berk"
$sSomeOtherURLEncodedVariables = "&a=123&test=void&foo=bar"
$sPost = "fname=" & $sFirstName & "&lname=" & $sLastName & $sSomeOtherURLEncodedVariables
$sResult = _WinHttpSimpleRequest($hConnect, "POST", '/xml/crud/posttest.cgi', '', $sPost)
MsgBox(0, '', $sResult)

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