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Finding a POS and sending a patch to it/them

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I have done quite an exstensive search on the forums and have not found what I need.

I need to send POS patches to our stores. Each store does not have the same amount of tills.

As a non programmer I have written a really newbie (which I am) ping program using the windows name of each POS.TillCount.au3.

This gives me what POS's are online. I cannot get this script to write all but the first line to my text file. My MSGBOX works (and is there for testing only) and will pop up 2 MSGBOX , 1 for each till. (2 in this sample).

I do not want anyone to write this for me I just need a push in the right direction.

Please note in this example I have set the Result to 0 as I am testing on my laptop and is mot connected to any tills.



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