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I don't want to use Access


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I have a project to organize some data and I am hoping to avoid using Microsoft Acess. I was hoping some of you might have a better solution, maybe using AutoIt, since I am already familiar with AutoIt.

We currently have some data that lives in 10-15 Excel files. The same type of data is in each file but the format varies based on the person that created the data years ago. I am wanting to consolidate this data and create a standard format for it. I also would like to be able to run some simple reports on the data.

I know this could easily be done using Microsoft Access. But, my main concern with Access is that there are going to be 20-30 people using the data located in offices in various parts of the US (although we do share a LAN). If I do this in Access I will need to create a split DB which would require 20-30 people to copy over the front end for the DB to their PC. Then I run into the headache of updating the front end when I make changes. All of this sounds like a pain in the rear considering the only thing these users currently have to do is open an Excel file to get the information.

Is there a better solution? Could I create a GUI interface using AutoIt and then have AutoIt just update the Excel files? Ideally, the Exe for the GUI interface would live on the LAN and their would be only one copy that everybody could run. Is this pratical or are there issues with trying to use AutoIt for this purpose?

Should I consider using AutoIt? Any other ideas? Or suck it up and use Access?


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do you want to enable users to add content or modify to this consolidated data?

Why not use one consolidated Excel Sheet with all the data and share it on the LAN with restricted access?

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