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Prevent mouse busy cursor when window not active

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Script is causing my mouse to show a busy cursor when it runs an _InetGetSource. This is fine if the window is active, but not when in the background. Any ideas on why the busy status leaks through to my mouse cursor?

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_InetGetSource() doesnt have a backgound parameter. You need to use InetGet() if you want it to run in backgound.

edit: I misread what you ment when you said "backgound" but my response is still the same answer. _InetGetSouce() can pause your script depending on how big the source is because it uses InetRead(). To avoid the mouse busy, InetGet() in backgound mode.

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I just found this topic because I noticed exactly the same thing. I have a script with no visible window which basically polls a network device every 10 seconds. I've set INetGet to background mode but I still see a busy cursor very briefly every 10 seconds when the script is running. Any way to stop that?

I'm running Win7 x64 SP1 is that's relevant.

Global $ResponseXMLpath = @TempDir & "PchResponse.xml"
While 1
$oResponse = InetGet("",$ResponseXMLpath,1,1)
Until InetGetInfo($oResponse, 2) ; Check if the download is complete.
InetClose($oResponse) ; Close the handle to release resources.
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