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Adobe Reader COM

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$oAdobe = ObjCreate("AcroPDF.PDF")


-->Variable must be of type "Object"

This is my FIRST script in which I am trying to use COM. I get the error I wrote above and can't understand why.

I am veeeery convinced that it's a stupid, begginer problem but I did't find the answer anywhere else, please help!

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Richard Robertson

It means that ObjCreate failed and you didn't bother to check to make sure that it actually returned an object.

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You should use:

$oAdobe = ObjCreate("AcroPDF.PDF.1");

Another way is using ShellExplorer.

Little example:

Global Const $Width = 800, $Height = 600
Global $Path = @ScriptDir & "\Your_file_name.pdf"
$Form1 = GUICreate("Browse PDF", $Width, $Height, 400, 300)
$Obj = ObjCreate("Shell.Explorer.2")
$browser = GUICtrlCreateObj($Obj, 0, 0, $Width, $Height)
While 1
$Msg = GUIGetMsg()
  Case $Msg = -3
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