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Call function in class of DLL

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I have custom file Utilities.dll and need to call function GetNumber() in that file.

But GetNumber is member of class Utilities and Utilities is member of namespace Utilities.

In .Net i using that code

Utilities.Utilities number = new Utilities.Utilities();
strNumber = number.GetNumber(strFilePath);

I don't know how to call GetNumber() in my custom DLL with autoit

Sorry for my English. Thanks a lot.

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Your Utilities.dll written in .NET?

I'm not sure but first of all try to register your dll with regasm.exe with /codebase or /tlb option

and then use ObjCreate in AutoIt

Eample (NOT TESTED!)

$strFilePath = "blah blah blah"
$oUtil = ObjCreate("Utilities.Utilities")
If not @error then
    ;Msgbox(0,"ObjCreate Test","Object created successful!")
    $strNumber = $oUtil.GetNumber($strFilePath)
    Msgbox(0,"ObjCreate Test",$strNumber)
    Msgbox(16,"ObjCreate Test","Failed to create Object. Error code: " & hex(@error,8))
$oUtil = 0

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