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Update your scripts/programs!

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Hello i dont know, who know it, or who dont know, but i created a script what update your script.You can add it to a button or just when started.

IniWrite(@ScriptDir "\ver.ini", "section", "key", "1.0")
;------------------------------------------------------- if you created the ini delete that line!!!!

InetGet("YOURWEBSITELINK/VER.INI", @ScriptDir & "\ver.ini")
$ver = IniRead(@ScriptDir & "\ver.ini", "section", "key", "1.0")
If $ver > "0.9" Then

So.It is downloads an ini, and in the ini 1.0. If $ver bigger than 0.9 then downloads your exe, and overwrites your program.

Sorry for my bad english.

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This works much better.

#Include <Misc.au3>
If @IPAddress1 <> "" Then
  InetGet($aSiteAdress & "/Updater.ini", @TempDir & "\Updater.ini", 1)
  $fetch_Version = IniRead(@TempDir & "\Updater.ini", "details", "version", "")
  $versionUpdate = _VersionCompare($fetch_Version, FileGetVersion(@ScriptFullPath))
  If $versionUpdate <> 0 Then ; 0 means they are the same version.
   $update_DL = InetGet($aSiteAdress & "/PROGRAM.exe", $ScriptPath, 1, 1) ; i recommend that you write it to another location, then install it using another program, like an updater.exe
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