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Stuck in an Do or If loop


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This was supposed to be a quick and dirty program to complete a one off project. It hasn't been quick.

I have a list of vessel names. These vessel have brought our software and we need to make sure that they are offered an upgrade to a regulatory module we sell.

The program should.

1) Get the name of the vessel from a file on the local machine.

2) Loop through a file text file (purchased.txt) until to comes to the last entry, searching for the word Dealer.

3) Add the vessel and Dealer name to a third file

4) Close the vessel's text file.

5) Start over again at 1 from the next vessel

This works splendidly for the first vessel on the list. However, it seems to get stuck in the Do loop. The information never gets written to file and first purchased.txt file never gets closed.

Is "until @error=-1" valid?

While 1
    $VesselPath=$customerdatalocation & $VesselName &"\Purchased.txt"
    ;Loop until you reach the end of the File
    GUICtrlSetData ( $Label1 , $Vesselpath)
        if $Whoisthedeal<> 0 Then
            msgbox(1,$Whoisthedeal, $Thestatus)
    until @error=-1
    msgbox(1,"2", $Thedealer)
    $Whatthefuck=FileWrite($Vesselwithdealer,$VesselName&" "& $Thedealer)
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@error is a value used by all autoit functions. Anytime you call any autoit function, @error is reset to 0. If your are looking to see if filereadline() has set @error to -1, it must be checked directly after the call.

if @error = -1 then exitloop
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