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If Computer Name Contains.

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Here is what I want to do, I have a script now to map and connect printers for multiple offices. Each office has a network printer and all are on the main server. We want to do a conditional statement so that if the computer name is 324-B113-1 (and the printer name is 324-B113-Printer) that is will say something like this:

What I need to know how to do is how to make autoit do an IF statement for that it says something like IF @ComputerName contains "324-B113" then run the command to map the printer for that office.

We already have the commands to map the printers, but right now, if I login to a computer in the B112 office (computer name 324-b112-1) it is showing the printers for the entire building! We just want to show printers for that office.

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