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Help to create a service, needed.


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This work but not as i want.

it starts but i would like to wait for network to start before starting the service..

_Service_Create($sServiceName, $sServiceName, BitOR($SERVICE_INTERACTIVE_PROCESS, $SERVICE_WIN32_OWN_PROCESS), $SERVICE_AUTO_START, $SERVICE_ERROR_NORMAL, '"' & @WindowsDir & '\' & @ScriptName & '"')

So i did this and every thing looks ok? "dependences" look exacly like for exampel "uvnc_service" (remote control app) so it should wait for tcpip before started..

_Service_Create($sServiceName, $sServiceName, BitOR($SERVICE_INTERACTIVE_PROCESS, $SERVICE_WIN32_OWN_PROCESS), $SERVICE_AUTO_START, $SERVICE_ERROR_NORMAL, '"' & @WindowsDir & '\' & @ScriptName & '"',Default,Default,"Tcpip")

but this wont start, it says Error 1075: u could not start the service "test1" on local computer the depending service dosent exist or is marked for removel.

//Pleace help a NoOb :graduated:

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Isn't there a delayed start option in services? Is there any way to apply that to your script? Either that or implement your own loop that checks for a successful ping to a server or something would be one method perhaps.

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Pshh I don't know but my policy is if you do something and it works do it! Unless you find more elegant ways of doing the same thing, working is working at the end of the day.

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