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Adlib failsafe function -> restart script


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I have the following (simplified) script, which is supposed to execute repeating tasks in different applications, checking the current state through specific pixels and thus making sure it's correctly doing its job:

HotKeySet("{F5}", "Go") ; Hitting F5 will start the bot
HotKeySet("{F7}", "Terminate") ; Hitting F7 will shut the bot down
Global $start = False ; We no start yet
Until $start ; Starting hotkey was hit, let's go!
AdlibRegister("WinActiveFailSafe", 60000) ; check each minute if window is still active to catch crashes
While 1 ; this will be repeated endlessly, until the Terminate function is executed
 ; do some UDFs
 While Not(PixelCheck(374,371,0x005067,5))
  ; some UDFs again
   Sleep(100) ; waiting
  Until PixelCheck(706,661,0xffffd1,20)
  ; more UDFs
WEnd ; redo from start
Func Go() ; starts the bot
 $start = True
Func Terminate() ; shut the bot down
Func PixelCheck($x, $y, $color, $tolerance = 0) ; check if a pixel has specified color
 ; bla
; other UDFs
Func WinActiveFailSafe() ; failsafe for client crashes
 If WinActive("selectedprogram") Then Return ; everything's fine
 WinWaitActive("selectedprogram") ; wait for program to restart
 ; re-initialize bot
Now my problem comes with the failsafe function.

If the client did crash, it will restart automatically, the failsafe function will wait for it and return everything to the starting state. However, the script will then continue at whichever point it was interrupted by the Adlib function.

Since several of the UDFs lock the script, waiting for a specific pixel (I left a few examples in the snippet above), I need the script to restart from the while 1-statement.

Is there any other way than setting a parameter and checking for it in every single line of my script? There is no goto any more and ExitLoop or ContinueLoop don't work from inside a function... I don't want to add 200 "If $restart Then ContinueLoop" lines to the script, aside from the fact this will still leave room for inefficiency because some lines just take their while to be executed...

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