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I'v e very new to the suto it application. I was trying to create a script that would Alt-Tab between two IE browsers every 1 min. Does any happen to have the code already developed for it? or somethign close that I could tweak. I'm guessign it isn;t that hard, some sort of for loop witha timer or something along those lines. Or perhaps there is even an easier way. Please help.

what would the syntex be?

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Modify this script with the exact wording in the titlebar. As you can see, I use Firefox. But it will work in Internet Explorer, too.

While 1
    WinActivate("Google - Mozilla Firefox")
    Sleep (60000) ; 60000 ms = 1 minute
    WinActivate("Help - AutoIt Forums - Mozilla Firefox")

#include <ByteMe.au3>

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This should do what you want (works with any number of IE windows, though not tabs)

AutoItSetOption("trayicondebug", 1) ;lets you mouse over tray icon to see what line of the code the script is on
HotKeySet('{esc}',"Terminate") ;sets esc key to function
AutoItSetOption("WinTitleMatchMode",2) ;sets window search to part of window name instead of full match
$IE_List = WinList("Windows Internet Explorer") ;creates an array with all windows matching "Windows Internet Explorer"
$i = 1
$timer = TimerInit() ;starts a timer
WinActivate($IE_List[$i][1]) ;activates the first match in the array
$i+=1 ;increases $i by 1
While 1 ;starts unending loop
 If $i > Int($IE_List[0][0]) Then ;checks if $i is greater than total number of IE windows
  $i = 1 ;sets$i back to 1 if it is
 If TimerDiff($timer) > 60000 Then ;checks the timer if 1 minute has passed
  WinActivate($IE_List[$i][1]) ;if yes, activate the next IE window
  $i += 1 ;add 1 to $i
  $timer = TimerInit() ;reset the timer
Func Terminate() ;if esc is pressed
 Exit ;exit the script


for some reason, I thought it was every 2 minutes

**edit 2**

added comments to the code so you knnow what it is doing

Edited by kaotkbliss



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