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problem rights autoit all windows systems cacls.exe

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Hello everybody,

i am new in this Forum and I have some questions regarding autoit.

I whant over autoit to set some rights for some folders. Example:

c:\Windows\system32\cacls.exe c:\program files\folder /T /E /G users:F

MY problem:

I am having problems regarding the system language. Is there a variable for USERS so that no mather witch system language is the rights could be set?

I whant to use this for :

xp 32 bit eng and ger

xp 64 bit eng and ger MUI

win7 32 and 64 bit all

I also used this but it thoesn´t work.The system ist xp 64 english and a MUI pack is installed so instead of users it is used benutzer witch is wrong.

If I try to use users it is working.

lobal $UserLang = @OSLang

if $UserLang = "0409 0809 0c09 1009 1409 1809 1c09 2009 2409 2809 2c09 3009 3409" Then

global $user = " users"


global $user = " benutzer"


Thank You

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Hi thank You,

how do I insert the value for $User for this?

c:\Windows\system32\cacls.exe c:\program files\folder " /T /E /G" & $User & ":F"

Is this Ok?

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