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Detect if Bluetooth Headset button is pressed

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i have to use SwyxIt phone client, but this software has no button support for bluetooth headsets. I can only use the GUI to answer a phone call.

I called the support, but there will maybe never be support for Headset buttons.

I am already able to use the button with Skype and some other software, so now i wan´t to write a script for this functionality :oops:

I know how to hook-on and hook-off the calls in swyxIt client, but i don´t know how do get the information if the button is pressed.

I am sure i need some DLL call to do it, but i´m not very familiar with using DLL´s :D

I have downloaded Dependency Walker to get DLL functions (not sure if this is the best tool...), but i don´t know what DLL i need. Maybe Windows 7 or driver DLL?

Does somebody know what DLL i need or how to do it?

My Headset: Sennheiser EZX60

My Notebook Bluetooth driver: Bluetooth_Broadcom_6.2.0.8000

OS: Windows 7 Pro 32 and 64bit

My already working test code for hookon and hookoff in Swyxit:

Dim $PhoneLineMgr
Dim $PhoneLineFocus
Dim $errval
$PhoneLineMgr = ObjCreate("CLMgr.ClientLineMgr")
$PhoneLineFocus = $PhoneLineMgr.DispSelectedLine
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I searched many Windows 7 dll´s and i only found the bthpanapi.dll with some Bluetooth function inside. But it seems to be only for Bluetooth Network. :oops:

Maybe i need to do it with the driver files?

I can order the BTW SDK from Broadcom: http://www.broadcom.com/support/bluetooth/sdk.php (I don´t know how to use an SDK...)

Is this the right way? Do i need the SDK or am i on the wrong way? :D

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Hello, any success so far ? i'm searching for exactly the same. I'm not even sure if it's possible with standard win7 bluetooth stack ? By the way: i'm using a plantronics headset.

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Hello and welcome to the forums. Unfortunately, this topic is very old and the OP hasn't visited in over 2 years. I would suggest that you start a new thread so that you have the best chance of getting help.



P.S. I will be watching / participating because I have the same need. ;-)

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