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InetGetSize and Internet Explorer 8

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I am having some problem with the InetGetSize function and i think its related to IE8.

Several other people and my self use IE7 (company policy, kinda)

however, i have one or two people with ie8.

_FileWriteLog($QDBLog,"Preparing to download.")
GUICtrlSetData($Label1,'Preparing to Download...')
$CopyVarSize = InetGetSize($GTShareDir & "/" & $GTFile,1)
  If @error = 0 Then
   GUICtrlSetData($Checkbox1,"File Size: " & $CopyVarSize)
   _FileWriteLog($QDBLog,"Retrieved file size, " & $CopyVarSize)
   _FileWriteLog($QDBLog,"Error getting file size.")

the problem is the those of use using ie7 dont have a problem with the above code getting the file size. but, those using ie8 fail to get the file size to continue with the download.

im not sure if its a problem with ie8 or not. but, i wanted to ask before doing additional troubleshooting.

also i read the help file and it appears the a proxy connection can prevent the file size from being retrieved. but im not sure if that just gives a false number or returns non-zero @error.

i dont want to give specifics on the $GTShareDir variable. but, it does use "http://myuser:mypassword@www.somesite.com" format.

and all works correctly people with ie7 and not for those with ie8. but, could be proxy issue. but person having problem that has ie8 is not present currently.

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