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watching if color change in another app?


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hi,i tried to watch this program EyeBeam.

if call opened then it show small green icon

and i want check this icon all time if it appear show msgbox

i also added 2 pic's below for that program

i tried this but it's watch all screen so if i maximize anything else it show same msgbox.

app can be always on top

;PixelChecksum ( left, top, right, bottom [, step [, hwnd [, mode]]] )
$checksum = PixelChecksum(500, 350, 0, 0)
While 1
If PixelChecksum(500, 350, 0, 0) <> $checksum Then
;SoundPlay("alarm.wav", 1)
MsgBox(0, "", "Something in the region has changed!")



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i see another way to get what i want

diagnostics window open by F9 and logs everything

it's look like notepad but not saved in pc so if i can read it to array then search for line (let's say i wanna record every ip + phone with > Call failed. Error code: 486 "Busy Here" <

ip + phone = (l:'sip:5988@' r:'sip:00110020100435352@')

and write it to result.txt


sorry if i confuse but i still dont know what log if call success so we work with any error code till i get it

error msg in diagnostics

00:18:03.4 Call (l:'sip:5988@' r:'sip:00110020100435352@') - Call failed. Error code: 486 "Busy Here"

00:17:29.9 Call (l:'sip:5988@' r:'sip:001100380935188967@') - Call failed. Error code: 486 "Busy Here"

00:24:02.5 RequestPlaceCall to 'sip:002100380935188967@' on an inactive proxy!

00:27:37.3 Call (l:'sip:user1@' r:'sip:900380935188967@') - Call being terminated. Reasons: "BYE", (code: 0)

00:32:30.4 Call (l:'sip:1050@' r:'sip:00380935188967@') - Call failed. Error code: 404 "Not Found"

00:41:33.2 Call (l:'sip:102@' r:'sip:0002100380935188967@') - Call failed. Error code: 408 "Request Timeout"

00:44:31.1 Proxy slot #0 () - Failed to register! error-code: 408, msg: 'Request Timeout'. Retry in 40 second(s). AOR: '<sip:100@>', proxy: '', firewall-proxy: 'F'.

00:45:39.0 Proxy slot #0 () - Registration failed AOR: '<sip:100@>', proxy: '', firewall-proxy: 'F'.

00:47:41.0 RequestPlaceCall to 'sip:001900380935188967@' on an inactive proxy!

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Solution to your first Scenerio might be better to use PixelGetColor() rather than a checksum. You could grab the initial color than run a loop that checks for the color not to match your initial check.

Possible solution to your second Scenerio could be ControlGetText().

Edit: Typo

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forget about first reply :D

logs worked well now i selected all text to $var by ControlGetText()

now i need this:

for each line in $var > if "Error code:" exist

write the whole line to result.txt

sorry i just very new and stringregexp make me confused :oops:

00:18:03.4 Call (l:'sip:5988@' r:'sip:00110020100775352@') - Call failed. Error code: 486 "Busy Here"

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