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PixelSearch Offset Click?


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I'm trying to get pixelsearch to find a color and offset to a certain location and then click...

It needs to do the following:

$coord = PixelSearch( 200, 230, 860, 535, 0xE75B2C, 1 )

If it was to find it at the coords of: 600, 350 then it needs to click at coords of: 535, 410 which is an offset of -65, +60

Any ideas?

Note the following doesn't seem to work:

$coord = PixelSearch( 200, 230, 860, 535, 0xE75B2C, 1 )

If Not @error Then
MouseClick( "left", $coord[0]-65, $coord[1]+65, 1, 1 )
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