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script will not run when logged off or after reboot

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I have used autoit for years and have searched for this specific problem to no avail. I have a 2003 server where run a script as a scheduled task. This script launches a software application and sends keystrokes to the window (I use ControlSend as well as well as ControlFocus...to focus on the window. I do not use WinWaitActive) The script does run when logged off but I am sure that it is having issues sending the keystrokes to the window of the program being launched. In a later part of the script I have it look for a windw and if it is not there then it it exits and sends me an email. I get the unsuccessful email so I know the script has launched when logged off. Any help help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a portion of the script.

run ("y:\dmwin.exe","y:")

sleep (4000)

WinWait ("[CLASS:xSchoolmaster5500wialog0]","",10)

sleep (1000)



sleep (2000)

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