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make the truth of "pressed some keys" longer in a local case

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I have a script like the following:

......(a little bit long)
While WinActive("B")
While NOT WinActive(" A")
  If ProcessExists("A.exe") = 0  Then
  If _isPressed( Hex(17), $dll) AND _isPressed( Hex(18), $dll) AND _isPressed( Hex(37), $dll) Then
...A little bit long.....

The above part is "to change WinB to WinA by a key press ctrl+alt+left"

When WinB is active and do nothing, then there is a 1% cpu (sometimes go back to 0% then back to 1%) used. Although this is not a problem, but I would like to know if there is a way to avoid this. Of course, one can use sleep(1000) instead. But in that case, when I press ctrl+alt+right, It doesn't activate WinA, since it doesn't detect the key is pressed. So one solution may be to make the fact "a key is pressed" longer, 1 second in the above example.

I am not sure if there is a big script that has a lot of parts similar to the above, and which has a heavy CPU usage. But since many programs use 0% cpu when they are idle, but they can respond immediately, so I am curious how can we do the same thing with autoit.

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