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League of Legends Bot, PixelSearch

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I just started fun with Autoit today to write a bot to the game, i don't know how to how to make bot clicking in the play button once (i don't wanna to build it with Sleep() command what would be easier but would make bot stuck in few moments. At the moment MouseClick() and PixelSearch works even after clicking the button once, but i wanna just click it once. Thanks for help

Local $PlayButton[2]
$Client = ProcessExists("LoLClient.exe") ; Will return the Client or 0 if the process isn't found.
If $Client Then ProcessClose($Client)
$Launcher = ProcessExists("LoLLauncher.exe") ; Will return the Launcher or 0 if the process isn't found.
If $Launcher Then ProcessClose($Launcher)Run("E:Riot GamesLeague of Legendslol.launcher.exe") ; Run Launcher
while 1
$PlayButton = PixelSearch ( 800, 700, 850, 600, 0xFFFFFF,3 , 1, "" )
If not @error Then
MouseClick("left", $PlayButton[0], $PlayButton[1], 1, 0)

Is there any possibility to read packets from game client and send new packets to client in any easy way?

@down thanks brah

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