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several questioni about child window and some functions

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I could have the following results by this script, 4 different window inside a MainGUI


$hWnd1 = WinGetHandle("Google - Mozilla Firefox")

WinWait("Windows Live Messenger")
$hWnd2 = WinGetHandle("Windows Live Messenger")

;; WinWait("WinEdt 6.0")
$hWnd3 = 0x00C0668

$hWnd4 = WinGetHandle("[CLASS:SUMATRA_PDF_FRAME]")

$MainGUI = GUICreate("Pdf Test", @DesktopWidth*3/5, @DesktopHeight*9/10, -1, -1, BitOr($WS_MAXIMIZEBOX,$WS_MINIMIZEBOX, $WS_CAPTION, $WS_POPUP, $WS_SYSMENU, $WS_CLIPCHILDREN,$WS_SIZEBOX))
$WinSize = WinGetClientSize($MainGUI)

_WinAPI_SetParent($hWnd1, $MainGUI)
_WinAPI_SetParent($hWnd2, $MainGUI)

_WinAPI_SetParent($hWnd3, $MainGUI)

_WinAPI_SetParent($hWnd4, $MainGUI)

While 1

Posted Image

But I found something bother me:

1) WinGetHandle doesn't 100% give the correct result. For an Latex editor "WinEdt 6", the result is different from AutoIt Window Info.exe.

2) But for this WinEdt 6, WinActive(WinGetHandle("WinEdt 6.0")) works, but not $hwnd = (the handle got from AutoIt Window Info.exe), WinActive($hwnd) doesn't.

3) Furthermore, in the above script, I need to use $hWnd3 = 0x00C0668, which is the one given by AutoIt Window Info.exe. If $hWnd3 = WinGetHandle("WinEdt 6.0"), then this script doesn't work for WinEdt 6.

4) Suppose a window inside the MainGUI is active, then use another scirpt to test if this window is active by WinActive, the result is False, meaning that the widnow is non-active. I think the reason is that the system thinks the active window ins MainGUI, not the child window. In this way, is there a way to detect which child window is active?

5) Furthermore, WinEdt can has only one window a time. But if one WinEdt Window is inside the MainGUI, then I can open another WinEdt window ( outside the MainGUI). So It seems that if a window is in a parent window, then, it is not a window for the system.

6) The ControlClick doesn't work for child window anymore, even use ClassNN (at least, it doesn't work for WinEdt 6.0. ) Is there a way to make ControlClick work in this case?

7) It seems that doing this way, the programs become slower. For example, when I type my .tex file, it's slower than I type in normal usage of WinEdt 6. Anyway to avoid this?

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