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Hi, i'm trying to make a script that generate a file every 30 seconds, but all it can do is create the first file and refresh it every 30 seconds.

; File Location
$filepath = ".\"
$filelogs = "Log\"
$filepsc = "psc\"
; Filename
$filename = @YDAY & @HOUR & @MSEC
; Extensions
$logext = ".gtk"
$pscext = " .jpg"
; Encrypt Password
$cryptpwd = "test"
; Files Path
$fullpath = $filepath & $filelogs & $filename & $logext
$fullscr = $filepath & $filepsc & $filename
$i = 0
While $i >= -1
FileWriteLine ($fullpath, _report())
_Crypt_DecryptFile($fullpath, $filepath & $filelogs & "_" & $filename & $logext, $cryptpwd, $CALG_RC4)
FileMove($filepath & $filelogs & "_" & $filename & $logext, $filepath & $filelogs & $filename & $logext)
$i = $i + 1

Can someone help me to pass this obstacle?

Appreciated all

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I really doubt that the file is refreshed every 30 seconds if this is all that is running. After the first run $i becomes 0 which is > -1. Assuming you get by that hurdle, follow enaiman's advice and generate a new filename at every iteration.

Take another whack at it, if you need help, it's here!!

Good Luck,


Edit: belay that, still giddy from the Greenbay game...however, as written there is no way to break out of the while loop. Also, if the day, hour and millisec have no significance than consider using the UDF _tempfile() (see helpfile)...

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