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Is there any tutorials?

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Well is there any tutorials for autoit3? Im kidna n00b and want to learn more, but idk where to start lol.


Is there anything in particular that you'd like to try doing? Is there something on your system that you do a lot which would benefit from automation?

It's always easier to get started on something if you have a goal of some sort to work towards. For me it was the task of cleaning up my PC -- deleting files in temporary locations, running a defragmenter with a set of options, that sort of thing. Nowadays utilities to do this are all over the place but it was great to script it all because I learnt how best to do things using AutoIt.

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hmmm ya actualy, I move eveyr file/folder on my desktop into a folder called "everything" lol.


to help with your moving process, you should check out the help file sections on...

1)looping (language reference>loop statements)

2)filemove() (function reference>file, directory, and disk management)

3)filefindfirstfile()/filefindnextfile (function reference>file, directory, and disk management)

each topic in the help file has good example code. you should definitely check out the helpfile. it's probably the best help file i've seen. and best way to learn autoit is to use it

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