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help with clicking down and holding down

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I am trying to click down on a window but no matter what i do it clicks down but then doesn't hold it. shouldn't this

If GUICtrlRead($Maxx_Boost) = $GUI_CHECKED Then
MouseClick(333, 295)

later on in the script i send a mouseup("left") command but it doesn't hold until then. I'm not sure whats wrong

Additionally if someone thinks they can do this i would be impressed.

Insert a slider that is possible up and down not left to right? If the slider is all the way down click and hold at 300, 100, now if the slider is at the top click and hold at 300, 300 so it would be a vertical click ya know. If the slider is in between somewhere a certain percentage of that is clicked accordingly. I would also like to be able to save and read where the slider was last in an ini file i create here is my save function.

Func CarLoad()
$car = GUICtrlRead($CarSelect)
$Maxx_Boost_value = IniRead('settings.ini', $car, '$Maxx_Boost','')
If $Maxx_Boost_value = '1' Then
GUICtrlSetState($Maxx_Boost, $GUI_CHECKED)
GUICtrlSetState($Maxx_Boost, $GUI_UNCHECKED)
$Dial_In_value = IniRead('settings.ini', $car, '$DialIn','')
GUICtrlSetData($Dial_In, $Dial_In_value)
$MaxxBoost_value = IniRead('settings.ini', $car, '$MaxxBoost','')
GUICtrlSetData($MaxxBoost, $MaxxBoost_value)
$Brake_N_G0_value = Iniread('settings.ini', $car, '$Brake_N_G0','')
If $Brake_N_G0_value = '1' Then
GUICtrlSetState($Brake_N_G0, $GUI_CHECKED)
GUICtrlSetState($Brake_N_G0, $GUI_UNCHECKED)
$Roll_Start_value = IniRead('settings.ini', $car, '$Roll_Start','')
If $Roll_Start_value = '1' Then
GUICtrlSetState($Roll_Start, $GUI_CHECKED)
GUICtrlSetState($Roll_Start, $GUI_UNCHECKED)
$Delay_value = IniRead('settings.ini', $car, '$Delay','')
GUICtrlSetData($Delay, $Delay_value)
$Start_Shift_value = IniRead('settings.ini', $car, '$Start_Shift','')
If $Start_Shift_value = '1' Then
GUICtrlSetState($Start_Shift, $GUI_CHECKED)
GUICtrlSetState($Start_Shift, $GUI_UNCHECKED)
$second_value = IniRead('settings.ini', $car, '$second','')
GUICtrlSetData($second, $second_value)
$third_value = IniRead('settings.ini', $car, '$third','')
GUICtrlSetData($third, $third_value)
$fourth_value = IniRead('settings.ini', $car, '$fourth','')
GUICtrlSetData($fourth, $fourth_value)
$fifth_value = IniRead('settings.ini', $car, '$fifth','')
GUICtrlSetData($fifth, $fifth_value)
$sixth_value = IniRead('settings.ini', $car, '$sixth','')
GUICtrlSetData($sixth, $sixth_value)
$UserName_value = IniRead('settings.ini', $Login, '$UserName','')
GUICtrlSetData($UserName, $UserName_value)
$PassWord_value = IniRead('setttings.ini', $Login, '$PassWord','')
GUICtrlSetData($PassWord, $PassWord_value)

Func Save()
Local $Maxx_Boost_value = '0'
Local $Brake_N_G0_value = '0'
Local $Roll_Start_value = '0'
Local $Start_Shift_value = '0'
$car = GUICtrlRead($CarSelect)
If BitAND (GUICtrlRead($Maxx_Boost), $GUI_CHECKED) Then $Maxx_Boost_value = '1'
IniWrite('settings.ini', $car, '$Maxx_Boost',$Maxx_Boost_value)
$Dial_In_value = GUICtrlRead($Dial_In)
IniWrite('settings.ini', $car, '$DialIn',$Dial_In_value)
$MaxxBoost_value = GUICtrlRead($MaxxBoost)
IniWrite('settings.ini', $car, '$MaxxBoost',$MaxxBoost_value)
If BitAND (GUICtrlRead($Brake_N_G0), $GUI_CHECKED) Then $Brake_N_G0_value = '1'
IniWrite('settings.ini', $car, '$Brake_N_G0',$Brake_N_G0_value)
If BitAND (GUICtrlRead($Roll_Start), $GUI_CHECKED) Then $Roll_Start_value = '1'
IniWrite('settings.ini', $car, '$Roll_Start',$Roll_Start_value)
$Delay_value = GUICtrlRead($Delay)
IniWrite('settings.ini', $car, '$Delay',$Delay_value)
If BitAND (GUICtrlRead($Start_Shift), $GUI_CHECKED) Then $Start_Shift_value = '1'
IniWrite('settings.ini', $car, '$Start_Shift',$Start_Shift_value)
$second_value = GUICtrlRead($second)
IniWrite('settings.ini', $car, '$second',$second_value)
$third_value = GUICtrlRead($third)
IniWrite('settings.ini', $car, '$third',$third_value)
$fourth_value = GUICtrlRead($fourth)
IniWrite('settings.ini', $car, '$fourth',$fourth_value)
$fifth_value = GUICtrlRead($fifth)
IniWrite('settings.ini', $car, '$fifth',$fifth_value)
$sixth_value = GUICtrlRead($sixth)
IniWrite('settings.ini', $car, '$sixth',$sixth_value)
$UserName_value = GUICtrlRead($UserName)
IniWrite('settings.ini', $Login, '$UserName',$UserName_value)
$PassWord_value = GUICtrlRead($PassWord)
IniWrite('settings.ini', $Login, '$PassWord',$PassWord_value)
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This post smells a bit fishy. This looks like a bit more than just a program to save/load/display setups for a racing game. For example, I've never played a racing game where my setup had a username and password field.

I'm locking this thread but I will give you a hint about your problem: You only have one mouse.

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