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Determine Windows 7 x86 or x64

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Im trying to write into a script logic to determine if the current OS is Windows 7 x64 vs. any other operating system. It seems the Windows 7 build numbers are the same for x86 and x32 (7600 or 7601 for SP1) Anyone know how I can accomplish this?


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Try this

If @CPUArch = "X86" Then
    $CPUArch = "32-bit"
ElseIf @CPUArch = "X64" Then
    $CPUArch = "64-bit"

MsgBox(0, "OS Test", $CPUArch)
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Hi, Kondro. Try this to get you started:

MsgBox(0, "", @OSVersion & " " & @OSArch)

There is plenty more in the helpfile :)

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