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Storing Encrypted Password Locally

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Hi All,

This is my first try at storing an encrypted password locally. I'm using the UUID of the workstation in use as the key which means youneed to be on the workstation that the password was initially entered to proceed without having to enter the password again.

I only use this at home so the physical security of the pc is pretty good.

Any advice on how to make this safer is appreciated.

Func _Manage_Password()
  Local $reset, $encrypted_password, $handle, $pwfile
  $pwfile = @ScriptDir & "pw.enc"
  $reset = msgbox(260,"PASSWORD RESET","Would you like to reset your password?",2)  ;does user want to rest   password
  if $reset = 6 OR FileExists($pwfile) = 0 Then          ;if resetting pword or pword file doesn't exist
    $encrypted_password = _StringEncrypt(1,InputBox("Title","Prompt","","*"),_Get_UUID(),8)  ;get pword and encrypt into a string, UUID as key
    $handle = FileOpen($pwfile,2)               ;open file in overwrite write mode
    FileWrite($handle,$encrypted_password)            ;write encrypted string into file
    FileClose($handle)                 ;close password file
  $encrypted_password = FileRead($pwfile)             ;read in encrypted password from file
  FileClose($pwfile)                   ;close password file
return $encrypted_password                ;return the encrypted password

And you call it like this:

$encrypted_password = _Manage_Password()           ;retrieve ecrypted pw or set a new one
$password = _StringEncrypt(0,$encrypted_password,_Get_UUID(),8)   ;decrypt password

And _Get_UUID() look like this:

Func _Get_UUID()
If @OSArch='x86' Then
return RegRead($reg & 'SOFTWAREMicrosoftCryptography', 'MachineGuid')
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