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Good Evening,

I am trying to send a log file to my Web hoster (unsure if that is the correct terminology) using the AutoIT FTP functions.

I can Xfer files using Filezilla and can connect by specifying the URL in IE's address bar but cannot connect with AutoIT.

Called the hoster and asked if they could see any inbound connection attempts and give me any failure/reject codes but they say that they cannot get that data (did not penetrate past the help desk, yet).

Found one hit and tried that solution to no avail. See comments in code.

#include <FTPEx.au3>
#include <array.au3>
local $st    = timerinit()
local $files[1]
local $file_list = f_search('c:\tmp\ftptest\log*')
consolewrite('Time to list files    = ' & round(timerdiff($st)/1000,4) & @lf)
ConsoleWrite('Number of files found = ' & UBound($file_list) - 1 & @lf)
Local $server   = 'ftp://ehost-services170.com'
Local $username  = '*******'
Local $pass   = '********'
Local $Open = _FTP_Open('Samolyk FTP')
If $open = 0 Then
 MsgBox(0,'open error',@error)
; the following statement returns 0 in $Conn, @error is set to -1 and @extended is set to 12007
; 12007 equates to "ERROR_INTERNET_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED" (The server name could not be resolved.
; all of the following function calls failed with the same error
;Local $Conn = _FTP_Connect($Open, $server, $username, $pass)         <---- tried this initially
;Local $Conn = _FTP_Connect($Open, $server, $username, $pass, 1)       <---- found a post that offered this solution, no good
Local $Conn = _FTP_Connect($Open, $server, $username, $pass, 1, 21) ;  <---- current statement
If $conn = 0 Then
 MsgBox(0,'return from connect',@error & @LF & @extended)
Local $put  = _FTP_FilePut($conn,$file_list[1],"")
If $put = 0 Then
Local $Ftpc = _FTP_Close($Open)
Func f_search ($s_dir)
 local $fls = FileFindFirstFile($s_dir)
 If @error = -1 Then msgbox(0,'Error','')
 While 1
  $next = FileFindNextFile($fls)
  If @error Then return($files)
  If Not @extended then
   $files[ubound($files)-1] = $s_dir & '\' & $next
   redim $files[ubound($files) + 1]

If I have to I will provide the account and password privately to get this resolved (if I recognize you as a regular).



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