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Installed AutoIt and AutoIt Script Editor, getting MSVCR100.dll missing

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Running Win 7 64 bit SP1 here

Tried everything in these forums about this.

Solution for me was install vcredist_x86.exe 2005 for SP1 located here which places correct MSVCR100.dll file in WindowsSysWOW64



Au3Record has been working for many years and saves me time when I experiment with a new app and I tend to do that a lot developing on something of my own. So I devote a lot of time to that so guess I'm a retard since I use the recorder. Even though running 64 bit I have had to FIX things where it would work last 3 release versions of Autoit or scite editor or so on 64 bit. Fixing the files generated also.

After it working so long and you dev's screw up and then are pissed at us retards cause you messed up the code somewhere. Me I compare my last source with current to see what happened and fix it.

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Edit: file needed was vcredist_x86.exe Visual C++ 2010 x86 redistributable. WU was offering me some updates at same time I was messing with it. I reinstalled Win and figured out correct thing at least for me.

It needed the updated %ProgramFiles(x86)%AutoIt3SciTEAutoIt3WrapperAutoIt3Wrapper.exe and I also put in AutoIt3Wrapper.au3

Doing that I didn't need Au3Record_x64.exe

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I followed the advice (and link) given by AdmiralAlkex and it now works.

I retired in '08 after 36 years in the IT field and haven't done much since then.

This adventure reminded me of how arrogant I was when I was on top of my game.

It's just part of life and everyone eventually see themselves as others do -- for some it helps, for others - not so much!

Thanks Admiral (BTW, the 36 years was for the NAVY).

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