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Diana (Cda)

Looping to catch for error boxes - can AI read text?

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Hi, there! Long time no see <g>.

I was wondering ... I have a converter freeware that has an error box pop up frequently. It's ad-ware, which is not good I know but no choice here, and this otherwise good app really likes to be connected to the internet. But I don't like things to be connected thus as I don't know what they're up to once there <g>. So I blocked off its access in my firewall. The crafty ad-ware writers, however, have come up with an annoyance I'm guessing they'll hope will bother me so much I'll grant it internet access. Well, it can think again -- hopefully with AutoIt's help.

The error message can be captured both with AutoIt's window spy and things like Snag-It so hoping a script could be written to detect the text in the box.

The error box says:

Title:  "Information"
Text:  "Please make sure MediaCoder is able to connect to Internet."

Ordinarily, this would be a minor annoyance except that while this popup is up, encoding is completely halted and isn't resumed till you press OK again. So it was a waste of time to leave it working overnight as, guessing via filestamps on encoded films, the app halted with this error about 30-60 minutes after I left PC to go to sleep and didn't resume till I got back and hit OK this morning. Not good.

What AI function might take care of this box, pls? I could set it to loop for every 10-15 minutes so that if AI detected the box with the text above, that it would then hit that OK button for me and stand by waiting in the systray to bomb that error box away each time <g>.

Can AI do this?

Thanks. :)

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Hi, Diana. How about something like this to keep an eye out for the pop up?

AdlibRegister("Popup") ;at the top of your script

Func Popup()
    If WinActive("", "Please make sure MediaCoder") Then
       WinClose("", "TPlease make sure MediaCoder)

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I have a pc that needs to run uninterrupted however, There is a windows update on it that I have not been able to turn off and after it's finished installing it requests a reboot. the only options are reboot now or remind me later (which pops the window back upa half hour later)

I created this little script to make the windows update popup go away until the pc is free to reboot

While 1
 If WinExists("Automatic Updates") Then
  ControlClick("Automatic Updates","","[CLASS:Button;INSTANCE:2]")

while the titles and instances will need changed, the basic principle is the same :)



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