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IsNumber Bug

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$domain = StringSplit($domain, ".")

        $i += 1
        MsgBox(0,"", IsNumber(StringMid($domain[2], $i, 1)) & "  " & StringMid($domain[2], $i, 1))
    Until IsNumber(StringMid($domain[2], $i, 1)) = 1

So I'm trying to parse some domains that have numbers after the TLD extension. The domain for the example is:


My script correctly finds the #'s as I want, but IsNumber WILL NOT WORK. I've tried everything possible :)

After I find what position ($i) that the number is at, I then can trim the rest of the numbers accordingly - which would result in just the domain itself.

Any ideas? ><

P.S. - My MsgBox debugger is showing a #, but the IsNumber is still returning a '0' (False). I also wrote down the StringMid results in a text file and they are all showing up as #s as well with no added characters.

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All you want for your first question is to lob off the numbers off the end? If so then:

#include <Array.au3>

Global $domain = "asianculturalmediagroup.com2360"

$domain = StringSplit($domain, ".com", 1)


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It's not a bug. StringMid() returns a string, which is never a number. I would use StringIsDigit() for this.

$domain = StringSplit("asianculturalmediagroup.com2360", ".")
$i = 0
    $i += 1
    MsgBox(0,"", StringIsDigit(StringMid($domain[2], $i, 1)) & "  " & StringMid($domain[2], $i, 1))
Until StringIsDigit(StringMid($domain[2], $i, 1))
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Helpfile says: "Variants can be of two base types: Strings and Numbers." I always took that to mean that '1' is a number as well as 1.

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Try this:

$url = "789asiancultural123mediagroup.com2360"

;idea 1
$n = StringRegExp($url, "(d+)Z", 3)
MsgBox(0, "Idea 1", "Url: " & StringMid($url, 1, StringLen($url) - StringLen($n[0])) & @LF & "Port: " & $n[0])


;idea 2
$l = StringLen($url)
$i = $l
    $s = StringMid($url, $i, 1)
    $i -= 1
    If Not StringIsInt($s) Then ExitLoop
Until False
MsgBox(0, "Idea 2", "Url: " & StringMid($url, 1, $i + 1) & @LF & "Port: " & StringRight($url, $l - $i -1))



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