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[SOLVED] Using Google Traslate in AutoIT

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Hi guys,

I'm searching into the forum and find some old example, but no one working fo me, so i'll decide to make a new thread.

I want using it to automatic traslate a GUI

The problem is the response of the page, i have try to:

1) Save the output like ini/txt

2) Save the output like mht

I can't find the traslated text

For now i have make:

$test = @WorkingDir & "\test.mht"
$word = "Bonjour"
_INetGetMHT( ["http://translate.google.com/#auto|en|"] & $word, $test )
Func _INetGetMHT( $url, $file )
    Local $msg = ObjCreate("CDO.Message")
    If @error Then Return False
    Local $ado = ObjCreate("ADODB.Stream")
    If @error Then Return False
    With $ado
        .Type = 2
        .Charset = "US-ASCII"
    $msg.CreateMHTMLBody($url, 0)
    $msg.DataSource.SaveToObject($ado, "_Stream")
    $ado.SaveToFile($file, 1)
    $msg = ""
    $ado = ""
    Return True

How to read the box with tralsated text?

Thanks for support

EDIT: Sorry for the [ ] in _INetGetMHT, i can't remove it, or the forum process it like URL :)

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Ok guys, i'll find a workaround and i'll post later

I need to know how to read a file a .ini ( i know how ) but only the text in this space:

class="t0">I need only this text</div>

There is only one problem, can't go to next line, the text can be only on one line

EDIT: Solved with an array. If need i'll post all the script in example section. Thanks

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