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FastFindDLL crash

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If anyone can remember i made this monster

While 1
$pixelsearch1 = PixelSearch(100,300,200,512,0x0000ff,10) ;Blue
$pixelSearchError1 = @error
$pixelsearch2 = PixelSearch(250,310,400,512,0xfa0000,10) ;Red
$pixelSearchError2 = @error
$pixelsearch3 = PixelSearch(500,300,600,512,0x00ff00,10) ;Green
$pixelSearchError3 = @error
Func _errorcheck()
Select                                                      ;Check for Blue Color, Then Proceed.
        Case Not $pixelSearchError1                           ;Found Blue
            MsgBox(0,"Message","Blue Pixel Found!")
   Select                                                ;Blue Found.  Now check for Red
    Case Not $pixelSearchError2                        ;Found Blue and Red
     MsgBox(0,"Message","Blue and Red Pixel Found!")
     Select                                    ;Blue and Red found. Now check for Green
      Case Not $pixelSearchError3                    ;Found Blue, Red and Green
        MsgBox(0,"Message","Blue,Red and Green Pixel Found!")
      Case $pixelSearchError3                            ;Blue, Red  But not Green
        MsgBox(0,"Message","Found Blue, Red But Not Green")
    Case $pixelSearchError2       ;Blue Found, But Not Red
      MsgBox(0,"Message","Blue Found, But Not Red")
         Select                                    ;Blue and Red found. Now check for Green
          Case Not $pixelSearchError3                    ;Found Blue, Green But not Red
        MsgBox(0,"Message","Found Blue, Green But Not Red")
       Case $pixelSearchError3                        ;Blue, But not Red or Green
        MsgBox(0,"Message","Could only Find Blue")
  Case $pixelSearchError1                                   ;Blue Not Found
         MsgBox(0,"Message","Blue Pixel Not Found")
            Select                                              ;Blue Not Found.  Now check for Red
    Case Not $pixelSearchError2                        ;Found Red, But not Blue
     MsgBox(0,"Message","Found Red, But not Blue")
     Select                                    ;Found Red, But not Blue Now check for Green
      Case Not $pixelSearchError3                    ;Red and Green, but not Blue
        MsgBox(0,"Message","Red,Green But not Blue")
      Case $pixelSearchError3                            ;Red, But not  Blue or Green
        MsgBox(0,"Message","Could only Find Red")
    Case $pixelSearchError2       ;Could not find Blue or Red
      MsgBox(0,"Message","Could not Find Blue and Red")
     Select                                    ;Blue and Red Not found. Now check for Green
      Case Not $pixelsearch3                      ;Only found Green
        MsgBox(0,"Message","Only found Green")
      Case $pixelSearchError3                          ;Did not Find Blue,Red or Green
        MsgBox(0,"Message","No Color was found")

I changed the PixelSearch to FFNearestSpot function from the FastFind.dll

$say = FFSnapShot()

$pixelsearchCenter = FFNearestSpot(64,10,640,512, 0xffff00,20,$say,540 ,150, 740,600)
$CenterError = @error
$pixelsearchLeft = FFNearestSpot(64,10,640,512, 0xffff00,20,$say,140 ,100, 540,600)
$LeftError = @error
$pixelsearchRight = FFNearestSpot(64,10,640,512, 0xffff00,20,$say,740 ,100, 1140,600)
$RightError = @error

The Script Keeps Crashing after some time.. it does not give me any information, but just lags and i have to stop it by deleting the Process.

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