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i am hosting a minecraft server for me and a friend.

He is more often playing there than me because i have to go to work and so :)

My router reconnects at midnight... so he gets a new IP...

Now i decided to write a server client program that tells him the new IP - if i am not @ home...

My first idea was making like a program that connects to several generated IPs and if it connects and gets a "secret" string -

Then it would be the server...

But that would like need the same time than he must wait for me to tell him ;)

So is there any possibility to get this faster?

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#include <Inet.au3>

$PublicIP = _GetIP()

MsgBox(0, "IP Address", "Your IP Address is: " & $PublicIP)

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You can only use 2 ways.

A) Create a static name for your dynamic IP by using dyndns or something like that or

B) The serevr needs to tell the client that the IP has changed.

There is no chance for the client to search for the server.

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