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Is it possible to code a conditional statement using an IP scope ? Example:

IF IP Address = 10.165.5.XX then

Do something

Can @IPaddress1 be used or will it have to be done differently ? And if differently I'm after a suggestion !!


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Regular Expressions.

This works for me:

#include <Array.au3>
Global $result = StringRegExp("", "10.165.5.d+.d+", 1)
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Keep in mind, that the dot has a special meaning in regular expressions (any character), so you should use .

StringRegExp("", "^12.13.14.d{1,3}$", 1)


^ - Match beginning of string

12 - Match characters 1 and 2

. - Match a dot

13 - Match 13

. - dot

14 - 14

. - dot

d{1,3} - match specific amount of digits: at least one, at most three

$ - Match end of string

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