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help retrieving info from registry.

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hey guys, its been a while since I've been on... but it's also been a while since I have had an issue that I couldn't find a solution to.

where does Windows keep saved wi-fi passwords on the computer? I'm trying to develop a program that will recover forgotten passwords that have been saved on your computer (wi-fi). have you ever had a wi-fi password saved, and then go to enter it in on your new laptop... only to realize you haven't a clue as to what your password is? -> I'm trying to rectify this.

any suggestions? I can't find the registry file at all.

[u][font="Century Gothic"]~я α и d γ ĵ . ċ . ѕ қ ϊ и и ε я~- My Programs -auto shutdownSleep funcdisallow programs[/font][/u]
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Windows XP?

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWZCSVCParam etersInterfaces[interface Guid]

What about : http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/wireless_key.html

Scripts & functions Organize Includes Let Scite organize the include files

Yahtzee The game "Yahtzee" (Kniffel, DiceLion)

LoginWrapper Secure scripts by adding a query (authentication)

_RunOnlyOnThis UDF Make sure that a script can only be executed on ... (Windows / HD / ...)

Internet-Café Server/Client Application Open CD, Start Browser, Lock remote client, etc.

MultipleFuncsWithOneHotkey Start different funcs by hitting one hotkey different times

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