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Reading from HTML File

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You'll need for this.

#include <Array.au3>
#include "WinHttp.au3"
$hOpen = _WinHttpOpen()
$html = _GetSource("http://autorepo.tk/")
ConsoleWrite($html & @CR)
$Ret = StringRegExp($html,'(?s)(?i)<p>(.*?)</p>',3)

Func _GetSource($URL)
Local $aUrl = _WinHttpCrackUrl($url)
If (UBound($aUrl) - 1) < 1 Then Return
$hConnect = _WinHttpConnect($hOpen, $aUrl[2])
$hRequest = _WinHttpSimpleSendRequest($hConnect, Default, $aUrl[6]&$aUrl[7])
If $hRequest Then
  Local $html = _WinHttpSimpleReadData($hRequest)
  Return SetError(1,0,0)
Return SetError(0,0,$html)

The point is that regular expression can be used for this.

$Ret = StringRegExp($html,'(?s)(?i)<p>(.*?)</p>',3)
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It is not work for me.

The situation is like this:

The html include a table with one coloum of "Field" and second coloum of "Value"

So I need to read a "Value" from the table by its "Field".

How to do that.

Why not post an example of the html you're working with

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I found a nice way to open it in Notepad and then play with the string there.

The problem is: how can I make a script which open the Html file with Notepad?

so I can get the text from there and work on it...

There are many ways :)

$file = FileOpenDialog("Select file","","All(*.*)",1)
Run("NotePad "&$file)
Local $text = WinGetText("[CLASS:Notepad]", "")
MsgBox(0, "Text read was:", $text)
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Thanks, it works.

But the "Open dialog" still wait for me to press on the "Open" button, and I want it to do the "Open" process automatic after choosing the file

I try to use "ControlClick" with this dialog but it no work because it is stuch on the "Open Dialog" Process.

How can I solve this?

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