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Transparency of of checkbox, label and radio in GUI window

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I would like to make a GUI window with background image and controls with transparent background. So I:

1. Create GUI

2. Make background with GUICtrlCreatePic("imgbg3.bmp", 0, 0, 400, 300, $SS_BITMAP)

3. Create Controls (one checkbox, one label and one radio)

4. Set GUICtrlSetBkColor($handle, $GUI_BKCOLOR_TRANSPARENT) to Controls.

Result is in screenshot (Win7, Aero theme). It simply works only for label, but according to Help File, it should work for checkbox and radio also. Is this a bug or what am I doing wrong? (Source code is in attachment)



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Try adding this line below the control you want it to affect.

DllCall("UxTheme.dll", "int", "SetWindowTheme", "hwnd", -1, "wstr", 0, "wstr", 0) ; <<<<< You may have to change the -1 to the variable you assign to the control.

You will need to add this line after every control you want it to affect, or you could turn off theming for the whole GUI using this line at the top of the script. Experiment and see which works best for you.

DllCall("UxTheme.dll", "none", "SetThemeAppProperties", "int", 0)

If I posted any code, assume that code was written using the latest release version unless stated otherwise. Also, if it doesn't work on XP I can't help with that because I don't have access to XP, and I'm not going to.
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Thank you for answer :)

First way doesn't work at all.

The second one works well, but is there any way to bring the title bar's style back?

Meanwhile I'm going to check UEZ's link. Thanks.

EDIT: I checked UEZ's link and I make a function according to that. Maybe somebody will need it, so here it is:

Func _CreateTransparentCheckbox($sText, $iLeft, $iTop)
Local $hReturn[2]
$hReturn[0] = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox($sText, $iLeft, $iTop, 13, 13)
$hReturn[1] = GUICtrlCreateLabel($sText, $iLeft + 16, $iTop)
GUICtrlSetBkColor(-1, -2)
Return $hReturn

Thank both to suggestions ;)

Anyway, is there any solution for groups and radios?

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The first way is fine, but note that the GUICtrlCreate* functions return a control id when SetWindowTheme takes a handle. You just need to add a GUICtrlGetHandle() somewhere.


$chk = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox("This is checkbox - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.", 20, 20)
DllCall("UxTheme.dll", "int", "SetWindowTheme", "hwnd", GUICtrlGetHandle(-1), "wstr", 0, "wstr", 0)
$lbl = GUICtrlCreateLabel("This is label - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet", 20, 100)
$rdo = GUICtrlCreateRadio("This is radio - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet", 20, 180)
DllCall("UxTheme.dll", "int", "SetWindowTheme", "hwnd", GUICtrlGetHandle(-1), "wstr", 0, "wstr", 0)
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To make any controls tranparent you could do the following if you were prepared to put some work into it and to accept that there might be some delay while the effect is created.

Make the main window with your picture as the background but no components.

Create a child window with the style $WS_CHILD only which fills the main window client area and place your components on this child.

Create a window region which is the whole of the area of the child which is the default background colour and set that region so that it isn't painted. Then I think the components will be transparent.

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