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I'm trying to get a slightly modified version of a Google Chrome updater script to work.

; Download with progress update
$window = GUICreate("Chrome Download", 306, 40)

$progressbar = GUICtrlCreateProgress(9, 15, 286, 17)

; Get filesize
$filesize = InetGetSize($update_url)

; Get latest chrome.exe file
$hdownload = InetGet($update_url, @ScriptDir & "\Update\chrome_aktuell.exe", 1, 1)
$percent = Round(((InetGetInfo($hdownload, 0) / $filesize) * 100)) & "%"
GUICtrlSetData($progressbar, $percent)
$msg = GUIGetMsg()

; If progress window gets closed, abort download and clean up
If $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE Then
DirRemove(@ScriptDir & "\Update", 1)
Until InetGetInfo($hdownload, 2) ; Check for finished download
GUIDelete() ; Download done, close progress window

; Sleep(5000)

; Extract 7za.exe (will be included in the compiled .exe)
FileInstall("7za.exe", @ScriptDir & "\")

; Extract Chrome setup file
RunWait('7za.exe x "' & @ScriptDir & '\Update\chrome_aktuell.exe" -o"' & @ScriptDir & '\Update"')

; Extract Chrome contents
RunWait('7za.exe x "' & @ScriptDir & '\Update\chrome.7z" -o"' & @ScriptDir & '\Update\extracted"')

Ofc it's only a part of the full script but it includes the necessary parts for the actual problem. At least I hope so.

The whole script works flawlessly on my computer and in all virtual machines (VMware, XP SP3, Vista, Win 7 de / en x86/64) with a "normal" inet connection speed (16MBit downstream).

But it doesn't work correctly on a few other physical systems (all of them are Win 7 x86/64 ones). All of them have 6 MBit connection at max.

E.g. I can let it run on the notebook of my girlfriend and it won't even show the 7za dos windows that should extract the necessary files as long as I don't uncomment the Sleep(5000) command. If I do that it's working correctly... (at least on three tries, where it failed three times before without the Sleep command).

I just don't understand why it needs a pause before the rest of the script will do it's job.

Does anyone see a reason why the script can fail when no Sleep command is used?



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I'm not sure about this, but perhaps the file has not actually completed moving to the download location?

Maybe try creating a small loop that waits until the downloaded file exists in the expected location before your RunWait()'s

While Not FileExists(@ScriptDir & "Updatechrome_aktuell.exe")

I may be way off here, but try that instead of the sleep?

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I'm afraid that a FileExists while loop test won't help.

InetGet($update_url, @ScriptDir & "Updatechrome_aktuell.exe", 1, 1

This will download the chrome_aktuell.exe file directly into the @ScriptDir & "Update" folder. No temp files, no file moving or anything else.

I can see the destination file in the moment the download has started, growing "byte by byte" (at least if I hit F5 in the file manager).

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