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Selecting scripts from a window

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I've written a bunch of little time-saving scripts.

What I'd like to do is use another script to create a window full of radio buttons, one for each of these little time-savers. Selecting a given radio button would run the associated script. Selecting a different radio button would halt/kill the previously selected script and run the associated script. The window would stay on-screen until I pressed escape, after which all scripts would be killed/halted.

A tweak to this idea would be to have two groups of buttons; one group would be radio buttons behaving as described above; the other group would be on/off buttons associated with time-saving scripts that could be run independently or concurrently with other scripts.

I attempted to create this window/"parent" script myself but realized it was too complex for the time I had available. Then I considered that someone might have already written something like this that I could tweak to my own needs, just dropping in my own time-saving scripts as subroutines associated with the radio and on/off buttons.

So, does anyone have something like this that you could offer up?



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Instead of radio buttons or checkboxes, you might think about using listbox or ListViews or even combo boxes. Should be very easy to impliment with any of those.

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