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Trying to click on a link in IE <Resolved>

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I'm working on an internal website, where I need to move back and forth between several tabs off the main page. This is done after manually entering the credentials, so that part I do not want to touch. I don't do much with IE, but would like the movement between tabs if possible. Unfortuately, I haven't been able to click on the tabs through the usual IE methods. Curious if someone knows another way to select the item. I've tried IEGetObjByID/Name and IEGetLinkByID/Name, with no luck. Below is a screenshot of the tabs and the relevant source from the page. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


<div id="sitemenu">
<li  class="selectedtab"><a href="https://www.mysite.org/index.html?option=nBZR&txtAccount=0010049080&sst=FXWlVsq8l1GG7SHPhZwLwxmt">Home</a></li>
<li ><a href="https://www.mysite.org/index.html?option=QBJrYBNQF&txtAccount=0010049080&sst=FXWlVsq8l1GG7SHPhZwLwxmt">Downloads</a></li>
<li ><a href="https://www.mysite.org/index.html?option=YBBXHC&txtAccount=0010049080&sst=FXWlVsq8l1GG7SHPhZwLwxmt">Lookup</a></li>
<li ><a href="https://www.mysite.org/index.html?option=PBrT&txtAccount=0010049080&sst=FXWlVsq8l1GG7SHPhZwLwxmt">Transfers</a></li>
<li ><a href="https://www.mysite.org/index.html?option=VrlBK&txtAccount=0010049080&sst=FXWlVsq8l1GG7SHPhZwLwxmt">Inbox </a></li>
<li ><a href="https://www.mysite.org/index.html?option=NQZVr&txtAccount=0010049080&sst=FXWlVsq8l1GG7SHPhZwLwxmt">Administration</a></li>
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have you tried to loop through the links using _IELinkGetCollection?

#include <IE.au3>

$oIE = _IECreate("...URL here...")

$oDiv = _IEGetObjById($oIE, 'sitemenu')
$oLinks = _IELinkGetCollection($oDiv)
For $oLink In $oLinks
    ConsoleWrite($oLink.innerText & @CRLF)
;~  If $oLink.innerText == 'Home' Then _IEAction($oLink, 'click') ; click the tab or something

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