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Yeah I know that... but I have another function which gets the color with PixerGetColor from a different x, y, Local $var = PixelGetColor(111, 174) and the result i use MsgBox(0, "The hex color is", Hex($var, 6)) and after this comes:

$var[2] = PixelSearch(-x1-, -y1-, -x2-, -y2-, -colors-)

mouseclick("left", $var[0], $var[1])

I replace -colors- with? I tried replacing it with Hex($var, 6) but nothing.

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Local $var = PixelGetColor(111, 174)
MsgBox(0, "The decimal color is", $var)
MsgBox(0, "The hex color is", Hex($var, 6))
Local $coord = PixelSearch(175, 148, 70, 70, Hex($var, 6))
If Not @error Then
    MsgBox(0, "X and Y are:", $coord[0] & "," & $coord[1])

This is the whole code I am using. First I want to know if I got the right color before I click it, using MsgBox.

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I'm not confortable with this. I strongly suspect this is for something that is against this. No, you haven't said what this is for, but I see little reason to think otherwise.

Usually when I see a pixelsearch being used it is because the controller or item you want to click on isn't a normal controller. It is normally a picture or something that resist automantion and the range searched is very small. When using a large search area I know from experience this usually involves a game of some sort. Seeing how your search area is rather large, this simply strenghtens my belief that you are trying to automate a game of some type.

Care to explain what this is for?

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