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Router Network Usage, Possible to monitor?

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I was viewing this thread and a question popped into my mind

At my house i supply wireless to a couple of tenants so i have it setup like this

Main Router attached to the Incoming Cable network Line

My pc attached to that with no restrictions

Cable from main router to a netgear router which provides wireless to the tenants

I have keywords set in this one against downloading which only applies to them so i can surf and download but they are tied with the keywords to stop torrents etc.

Is it possible to monitor the traffic at the router which is mine and then i can keep an eye on whats passing thru to see if there is anything Ive missed.

i.e if there is high traffic i know Ive missed a keyword or 2 and can take steps to alter the list.

Btw there is no network between the routers, think of it as a wireless extender

Any thoughts?

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I would fancy that too, but i think it depends on what router you have and if it is possible to communicate with it through some kind of interface.

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