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[solved] My For Next loop keeps starting over

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If $bDebug = True Then _GUI() ; run gui if debug mode is true
_Format($sCSV) ; format csv file
For $i = 0 To UBound($aInput) - 1 ; run broker loop
    If $bDebug = True Then $iBarCount = 0 ; reset main progress bar back to zero
    If $bDebug = True Then
        $iStep += 100 / (UBound($aInput, 1) - 1) ; step progress bar each loop by number of rows divided by 100
        GUICtrlSetData($hBulkBar, $iStep)

I'm not sure why. It's just a simple loop but it will start at the bottom, and it only gets 2 rows into things and just starts over and over and over.

If you need the ENTIRE script let me know but I'd rather not post the whole things. It's hundreds of lines and I'd prefer now to have to go through it and remove all the confidential info.

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is $i a local variable?

if _Broker() modifies $i and $i just happens to be global that could cause a infinite loop.

Also report the value of UBound($aInput).

You said it does 2 rows, do you mean $i= 1 when it starts the looping over. I really don't know, but that's how i'd debug the bastard.

remark the _Broker(). and report $i by placing this line in the loop

consolewrite("$i= "&$i&@lf)
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Hello kor,

Your provided example appears to have no problems in it. The problem must be somewhere else. But with so little to go on its hard to even guess what it could be.

The only 'stab in the dark' I have is a question of wether your variable $i is declared globally somewhere? If so, does your function '_Broker()' also have use for the variable $i?

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Yes, the Broker function reads $i in various parts. I fixed things by just moving the For Next loop inside the Broker function and running it there. Solved the problem. Thanks.

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