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Is there a WinDeactivate Command?

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I have a need for 16 tiny windows to be open and monitoring a project 24x7 and of course you can minimize them to make them inactive, but I would like to make sure they are not active even when open.

So I need a command to run on all of them each say 15 min like a for next loop that will scan all the windows in that project and make sure they are not active..

For example... For $i = 1 to 16: If Win($i) active then deactivate it...next

Its easy to put the windows mimize command into a loop like that to make sure they are all minmized each 15 min and of course that will make them deactive... but in many cases I may want the windows open so I can see what is going on.. but you have to be so careful not to activate one... because if any window is active then if an alert goes off... none of the windows will maximize as they will be ordered to do....

If any of the 16 windows are activavted when an alert goes off none of the windows will maximize and sound an alarm..

You see if any window sees an alert it will then maximize and sound the alarm... and if a second window sees the alert it will stay out of the way since it can see that one window is active and it knows the problem is being handled...

So bottom line...is there any way to periodically scan all the windows.. to make sure they are not active and if they are active then deactivate that window other than forcing then to all stay minimized...

So is there any sort of way to make a window become NOT activated other than minimize the window or click it and then click another icon on the desktop... which aint very professional..

I have been using mimizeall for now, but that removes them all from the screen I need a deactivate all command...


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Thanks.. that worked perfect... it was right there in front of my face... I will have to search a little harder next time...

I can use "Win" for the title to deactivate all or "Win 1", "Win 4" to deactivate selected windows...

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If this doesn't work, you can always create your own GUI that will be activated if any of those 16 windows gets the focus.

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