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[Solved]Cant find way to match php multi line comment block

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After over half hour puzzling I cant find way to match multi line comment in php. My code ($commentblock) works fine with single line block comment but CRLF breaks it. Could anyone tell me how I could fix it?

Comment example:




#include <array.au3>
Func FileGetFunctionCallTips($file)
    $contents = FileRead($file)
    $quote = '"'
    $function = "rnfunctionh+w+(?:s|s?)((?:[ a-zA-Z0-9.,$'"&$quote&"=]+|[ a-zA-Z0-9.,$'"&$quote&"=])?)"
    $singlelinecomment =  "rn//(?:.)+"
    $commentblock =  "rn/*(?:.*|rn)*/"
    $matches = StringRegExp ( $contents, $commentblock  ,3)

Thanks in advance.

From Internet i foun"rn/*[^*]**+(?:[^*/][^*]**+)*/" but i dont get it why my original algorithm didn't work.

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