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Part of a text string on the clipboard?

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I have got an autoIT script that copies a number to the clipboard from a windows program such as and then when it recieves a particular number from the windows program then the next part of the script kicks in.

For example my script scrolls through the following numbers copying each one as it goes:-


When it recieves to its clipboard then the next part of the program is set off. However is there any way to do this with the program recognising a certain length of the text string. So if I have the following numbers:-

I want my script to only read the first 9 characters from the clipboard when it copies them so I can differentiate between the top two numbers. Is there any way to do this???

Thankyou for your help, I hope my explanation wasn't 2 long winded...if so then tell me and I'll try to explain it a little easier.



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read it, then do a StringMid


Actually, just because of the specification that it's the FIRST 9, it may be easier to use StringLeft(ClipGet(),9)

1100111 00001011101111 00011101101111 00010111100100 00001111110100 00110111110010 00101101111001 0011100i didn't make up this form of encryption, but i like it.credit to the lvl 6 challenge on arcanum.co.nz

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