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Bing Desktop Wallpaper Saver

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I realize this is a bit niche, but useful nonetheless. This is a script that saves the daily wallpaper from the Bing Desktop application.

It checks to see if Bing Desktop is installed, checks to see if an image has been downloaded by the application, then attempts to copy it, checking to see if the image has already been saved, in which case it offers to overwrite the image.

; Bing Desktop Wallpaper Saver
; Created by cyberguy91
; 04/28/2012
;Image Destination
$dest = @UserProfileDir & "\Pictures\BingWallpaper " & @MON & "-" & @MDAY & "-" & @YEAR & ".jpg"
;Check that Bing Desktop is installed
$check = FileExists(@ProgramFilesDir & "\Microsoft\BingDesktop\")
If $check = True Then
MsgBox(1, "Error", "Bing Desktop is not installed.")
;Image Saving Function
Func saveimage()
If FileExists(@UserProfileDir & "\AppData\Local\Microsoft\BingDesktop\themes\image.jpg") = True Then
  If FileExists($dest) Then
   $exists = MsgBox(4, "Error", "The file already exists. Overwrite?")
    Case $exists = 6
     FileCopy(@UserProfileDir & "\AppData\Local\Microsoft\BingDesktop\themes\image.jpg", $dest, 1)
    Case $exists = 7
   FileCopy(@UserProfileDir & "\AppData\Local\Microsoft\BingDesktop\themes\image.jpg", $dest)
  MsgBox(1, "Error", 'Could not locate image. Are you sure you have selected "Make the daily homepage image your background desktop" in Bing Desktop?')
EndFunc   ;==>saveimage
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