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Send or ControlSend problem

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I have a problem that likely nobody can duplicate, but maybe somebody's seen something like this?

This is automating a procedure in my CAD package. I need to manipulate the main pulldown menu, File-Export-Pdf. A bunch of Escapes to exit any command in the CAD program that may currently be active, ALT to highlight the menu, and send FEF:

WinActivate("Kubotek KeyCreator")
WinWaitActive("Kubotek KeyCreator")
;start pdf export dialog, select all disp-all

This almost always works, unless it's the first time I run it. In that case, the program seems to not get the {ALT}, and instead takes the first "F" as an entirely different command that has a single "F" key press (the program is all hotkeys).

I've tried using ControlSend instead, using the control ID as revealed by Autoit window info, but then it doesn't work at all, I always get the unwanted "F" command (actually there are two different "F" hotkeys, one uppercase and one lowercase.

I have a workaround:

while 1
; next line catches missed {ALT} keystroke when a fillet dialog comes up, and retries since it only seems to happen once
If not (WinExists("Constant Radius Edge Blend") Or WinExists("Kubotek KeyCreator", "Enter radius")) then ExitLoop

Seems to work (note I'm looking for the results of either the uppercase or lowercase "F"), but kludgy.

It appears to be a non standard control, including both the typical Windows File-Edit-...-Help menus, but also customizable icons all as part of a single control. I can understand that AutoIT wouldn't properly handle it, but failing the first time each session and not thereafter is just weird.

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Hello Dana,

Have you tried using WinMenuSelectItem() for interacting with the Context Menu?

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Try replacing your SEND with this...


That won't work because ALT-F is still another hotkey in the program, as opposed to ALT, F, which opens the pulldown.

Have you tried using WinMenuSelectItem() for interacting with the Context Menu?

Yes, I tried that before... does nothing. Again, I presume, because it's not a standard menu, it just looks like one.

If my kludge doesn't work long term I'll look into Winspector.

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