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I've been working with this UDF on and off over the last few weekends, but I've not gotten any futher with it. I just can't wrap my mind around it (pun intended). Seriously though, I think I'm just not grasping the terminology properly.

All I'm trying to do is change a value:

Posted Image

I just want to change SelectLastPlayedWorld to True.

I've tried a couple of things, but I'm not even coming close. Can anyone give me a hand with this? Or at least tell me which command I need to use?

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Okay so I've been looking into it a bit more this morning. From the picture provided UserSettings is the Root Node and LauncherOptions is a child node that would be included in the strXPath variable. Right? Now I think this is where I get confused. I'm not sure what option is. Is it another node to be used in the strXPath? And then what is value? Is it an element? an attribute? field?

Reading a few more pages, Option appears to be an element? and value is a Namespace?

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Okay so after doing some further digging and speaking to a few more knowledgable people, Option is a node which would therefore be a part of the XPath, while Value is an attribute. So if thi is the case I'd be using the _XMLSetAttrib. However, since there are multiple "lines" with two attributes, how do I set the "SelectLastWorldPlayed" to True? Is it considered an array so I'd specify a specific index of some kind?

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ConsoleWrite ( $oXML.xml & @CRLF)
$result = $oXML.selectNodes('//LauncherOptions/options[@key="SelectLastPlayedWorld]/@value' )
For $Node In $result
$Node.value = "True"
ConsoleWrite ( $oXML.xml & @CRLF)

try the above

oh, and just for general XML information, w3schools is great:http://www.w3schools.com/xml/

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