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Calling a function with a single func as the parameter

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If I want to call a function that takes multiple parameters, like pixelsearch, for instance, Autoit expects me to have something in the format of pixelsearch(x,y,x,y,color).

Could I do this with fewer parameters by using another function? My code looks something like this:



func box($iX,$iY)

return ($iX-10&","&$iY-10&","&$iX+10&","&$iY+10)


Clearly, this will only return one result, but it really contains enough data to fill in 4 of the 5 required parameters for pixelsearch. What I want to do is this:


But it thinks I have too few parameters. Is there a way to 'tell' autoit to treat one parameter as multiple parameters? If not, how can I get around this simply?


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Well, you can define your own function with less parameters and internaly calculate the others parameters, like in this example:



$Pixel = PixelSearchInBox($x,$y,0xFFFFFF)    ;Search for white color in a box 20x20 start from 0,0 to 20,20
If IsArray($Pixel) Then
    MsgBox(0,"",$Pixel[0] & "x" & $Pixel[1])
    MsgBox(0x10,"Error","Pixel not found")

Func PixelSearchInBox($x,$y,$iColor,$size=10)
    Return PixelSearch($x-$size,$y-$size,$x+$size,$y+$size,$iColor)

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